Quick Guide on Platform Update: Jan 2024

Modified on Tue, 16 Jan at 11:04 PM

The start of a new year brings new beginnings and opportunities for change and VAPAR has done just that! 

Here is a quick guide through some updates to the VAPAR.Solutions Platform including, platform notifications, UI changes and our new filter feature on the inspections table! 

Platform Update

First things first,we need to make sure you have the latest version of the platform possible so that you are kept up to date.

When there is a new version of the platform available, you will get a pop-up notification on the VAPAR platform indicating that you need to update your VAPAR platform to the latest version.

We strongly suggest you select the 'Update' option as this will make sure you are working on a platform version that is up to date with new features and fixes.

If you do not have this pop-up notification, please refresh your page using 'Ctrl + Shift + R'.

Filter Feature

Understanding that searching long lists of inspections can be time-consuming if you are looking for a particular inspection among hundreds. But with the new filter feature on the inspections table, we hope that this pain can be eased.

You can find our filter feature on the inspections table:

When using this filter you can refine your search to the following criteria:

  • The status of the inspection

  • Asset ID

  • Length

  • Date Captured

  • Location

  • Direction

  • Material

  • Diameter

  • Node References

  • Service & Structural Grades

When setting your filters you can choose whether the filter is refined to:

  • contains - all results will contain the searched criteria

    • e.g. if you filter Asset ID to contain '12', all results will include 12 such as 57123, 12345, 54312

  • starts with - all results must start with the filtered criteria

    • e.g. if you filter Asset ID to start with '12', all results will start with '12' such as 12345, 12654

  • is one of - you can choose multiple criteria to a filter

    • e.g. if you filter Asset ID to is one of '12' or '1' or '2', all results will be 12 or 1 or 2

  • equals- the filtered results must match the criteria

    • e.g. if you filter Asset ID to contain '123456', all results must be 123456

Once you've added all your filters, click apply for them to be saved to the inspection table.

If you want to clear all your filters, click 'clear all' and then select 'apply' .

It is important to note that your filters will be saved until you clear them and will remain even if you log out and back in.

  • i.e. if you login after a while - remember to check your filters!

Using the filter feature for the first time and not seeing the results?

Make sure you've updated the platform using 'Ctrl + Shift + R' and clear your filters to clear the cache.

Then try again.

Revamped UI for Inspection Details

We've redesigned the Inspection Details Panel on the Review Page to provide a more intuitive and streamlined experience. The updated interface aims to make the inspection details more accessible and user-friendly. 

1. Click the Text box for the field you would like to update. 

2. Once you are satisfied with your update, click the check mark to save the edit. Click the X mark to cancel. 

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